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28 May 1990
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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1337, adult swim, alton brown, anime conventions, bad puns, bright eyes, conor oberst, cosplay, cowboy bebop, csi, egl/ega fashion, elliott smith, emo, family guy, final fantasy, franz ferdinand, ftm, fullmetal alchemist, gay porn, genderfucked, genderqueer, gil grissom, gravitation, home movies, indie, lip rings, mtac, music, ninja warrior, ninjas, panic! at the disco, pirates, playing guitar, rainbows, samaurai champloo, shaggy hair, soul calibur ii, the boondocks, the faint, tilly and the wall, video games, writing, writing slash
My name's Michael, and I'm 21 and a rising senior in college. I live in Murfreesboro, TN, and will hopefully be moving to DC after I graduate.

I love: sparkles, zombies, electroclash, politics, playing guitar, helping people, puppies, kittens, videogames and semicolons;;;;


My gender is

ALWAYS!, activist, adorant, amorous, andro, androphiliac, animal lover, bicurious, bottom, boy, boy lover, caring, complex, confidant, cousin, creative, cuddly, cute, dork, eccentric, effanineffable, esoteric, faggot, fairy, fanboy, female-assigned, feminist, femme-ish, fluffy, friend, friend of Dorothy, full of love, gay, gender defender, gender dysphoric, gender euphoric, gentleman, glittery, guy, homoflexible, individual, intelligent, introvert, left-leaning, lovely, loving, Mr., male, male-born, male-souled, man-loving, nerd, obsessed, pan-romantic, pansexual, polyflexible, polysnuggler, pre-op, prettyboy, pro-choice, pro-gay, queer, queer-minded, quiet, sensitive, sex positive, shy, sir, snuggly, son, sparkly, teh gay, transman, twink, unclockable, weird, wolfpup

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