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0h60dd4mni7's Journal

28 May 1990
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My name's Michael, and I'm 21 and a rising senior in college. I live in Murfreesboro, TN, and will hopefully be moving to DC after I graduate.

I love: sparkles, zombies, electroclash, politics, playing guitar, helping people, puppies, kittens, videogames and semicolons;;;;


My gender is

ALWAYS!, activist, adorant, amorous, andro, androphiliac, animal lover, bicurious, bottom, boy, boy lover, caring, complex, confidant, cousin, creative, cuddly, cute, dork, eccentric, effanineffable, esoteric, faggot, fairy, fanboy, female-assigned, feminist, femme-ish, fluffy, friend, friend of Dorothy, full of love, gay, gender defender, gender dysphoric, gender euphoric, gentleman, glittery, guy, homoflexible, individual, intelligent, introvert, left-leaning, lovely, loving, Mr., male, male-born, male-souled, man-loving, nerd, obsessed, pan-romantic, pansexual, polyflexible, polysnuggler, pre-op, prettyboy, pro-choice, pro-gay, queer, queer-minded, quiet, sensitive, sex positive, shy, sir, snuggly, son, sparkly, teh gay, transman, twink, unclockable, weird, wolfpup

What's yours?